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Retired Beanie Checklist

Updated 5/4/98

Retired   Beanies

1997 Teddy the Bear

Ally the alligator

Baldy the eagle

Bessie the cow

Blizzard the white tiger

Bones the dog

Bronty the brontosaurus

Bubbles the fish

Bucky the beaver

Bumble the bee

Caw the crow

Chilly the polar bear

Chops the lamb

Coral the fish

Cubbie the bear

Digger the crab

Doodle the rooster

Ears the bunny

Echo the dolphin

Flash the dolphin

Flip the cat

Floppity the bunny

Flutter the butterfly

Garcia the bear

Goldie the goldfish

Gracie the swan

Grunt the razorback

Happy the Hippo(gray)

Happy the Hippo(lilac)

Hippity the bunny

Hoot the owl

Hoppity the bunny

Humphrey the camel

Inch the worm(with felt antennas)

Inch the worm(with yarn antennas)

Inky the octopus(pink)

Inky the octopus(tan)

Jolly the walrus

Kiwi the toucan

Lefty the donkey

Legs the frog

Libearty the bear

Lizzy the lizard

Lucky the ladybug(with 7 spots)

Lucky the ladybug (with approx. 11 spots)

Lucky the ladybug (with approx. 21 spots)

Magic the dragon (with hot pink stitching on wings)

Magic the dragon (with light pink stitching)

Manny the manatee

Nip the cat

Patti the platypus(deep magenta/maroon/raspberry)

Patti the platypus(purple)

Peanut the elephant(light blue)

Peanut the elephant(royal blue)

Peking the panda

Pinchers the lobster

Punchers the lobster

Quackers the duck(with wings)

Quackers the duck(without wings)

Radar the bat

Rex the tyrannosaurus

Righty the elephant

Rover the dog

Scottie the terrier

Seamore the seal

Slither the snake

Snowball the snowman

Sparky the dalmatian

Speedy the turtle

Splash the whale

Spooky the Ghost

Spot the dog

Squealer the pig

Step the stegosaurus

Sting the ray

Stripes the tiger

Tabasco the bull

Tank the armadillo

Teddy the brown bear

Teddy the cranberry bear

Teddy the jade bear

Teddy the magenta bear

Teddy the teal bear

Teddy the violet bear

Trap the mouse

Tusk the wlarus

Twigs the giraffe

Velvet the panther

Waddle the penguin

Waves the whale

Web the spider

Weenie the dog

Ziggy the Zebra

Zip the cat

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