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Current Beanie Checklist

New Beanies announced today!!! (May 30)

Current Beanies:

Ants the Anteater(NEW!)

Batty the Bat

Bernie the St. Bernard

Blackie the Bear

Bongo the Monkey

Brittania the Bear

Bruno the Terrier

Chip the Cat

Chocolate the Moose

Claude the Crab

Congo the Gorilla

Crunch the Shark

Curly the Bear

Daisy the Cow

Derby the Horse

Doby the Doberman

Dotty the Dalmation

Early the Robin(NEW!)

Erin the Bear

Fetch the Golden Retriever(NEW!)

Fleece the Lamb

Fortune the Panda(NEW!)

Freckles the Leopard

Gigi the Poodle(NEW!)

Glory the Bear(NEW!)

Gobbles the Turkey

Hissy the Snake

Iggy the Iguana

Jabber the Parrot(NEW!)

Jake the Mallard Duck(NEW!)

Kuku the Cockatoo(NEW!)

Maple the Bear

Mel the Koala

Mystic the Unicorn

Nanook the Husky

Nuts the Squirrel

Peace the Bear

Pinky the Flamingo

Pouch the Kangaroo

Pounce the Cat

Prance the Cat

Princess the Bear

Puffer the Puffin

Pugsly the Dog

Rainbow the chameleon

Ringo the Raccoon

Roary the Lion

Rocket the Bluejay(NEW!)

Scoop the Pelican

Seaweed the Otter

Sly the Fox

Smoochy the Frog

Snip the Cat

Snort the Bull

Spike the Rhinoceros

Spinner the Spider

Spunky the Cocker Spaniel

Stinger the Scorpion(NEW!)

Stinky the Skunk

Stretch the Ostrich

Strut the Rooster

Tracker the Basset Hound(NEW!)

Tuffy the Terrier

Valentino the Bear

Whisper the Deer(NEW!)

Wise the Owl(NEW!)

Wrinkles the Dog

Beanie   Tips

* It is not always necessary to pay this much for the current beanies. Many stores still carry them for regular price.

* The new beanie babies are currently worth more because of their popularity. As they become more readily available in stores, the prices should drop slightly.

* There are rumors that Ty is coming out with a new Princess bear that has some slight changes. The new version should be considerably easier to find, but this will probably result in an increased value of the first Princess bear.

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